Cybersecurity Science Dept., Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria
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Increasing Public Participation in Identifying Financial Transaction Fraud in Nigeria

Our goal is to enhance the integrity of financial transactions in Nigeria by making fraud detection technologies more widely available, based on research conducted at the esteemed Cyber Security department at the Federal University of Technology, Akure. These days, it's almost unheard of to conduct a financial transaction using physical cash. The number of fraudulent transactions is rising in tandem with the rise in the popularity of cashless transactions. We launched this endeavour to aid in determining the validity of transactions and so increase the rate at which fraud is detected.

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About OpenFraudDB (FraudSentry)


The very first attempt at creating a fraud database in Nigeria

Backed by Research

This project is backed by research done by professionals in Cyber Security


The system is free to use. Just contact us today to set up an account.

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Team Members

Meet the Research Team

Prof. Alese, Boniface Kayode

Prof. Adetunmbi, Adebayo Olusola

Prof. Thompson, Aderonke Favour-Bethy

Olofinlade, VF.

Special Recognition

Opeyemi Atoyebi

Kesiena Obajuwana

Sylvia Onwukwe

Chymdy Ugah


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this free to use?

    Yes, Openfrauddb (Fraudsentry) is free to use; however, we would welcome any donation that will help us enhance the research.

  • Any prerequisites for my use of the platform?

    Yes, even though it is free, you are required to support the platform by zipping and uploading any false data history you have.

  • What type of research has been conducted?

    The research employs a prisoner dilemma approach to draw a game-theoretic distinction between two algorithms, determining whether or not a transaction is fraudulent.

  • Is this research progressive?

    As with any other AI or ML research activity, there is a great deal of room for development or optimization in this field of study.

  • Which stack and framework was utilized?

    Python and Flask.

  • Can we utilize the API?

    yes visit the documentation section.

  • How can I acquire my access keys?

    After registering on the site with your purpose and receiving your username and password, you may access the application using the API. Please check the documentation section for instructions.

  • How can we support you?

    This initiative requires data, a great deal of data, in order to make accurate predictions. Therefore, the more information we have, the greater our ability to forecast. Additionally, we require the ability to subscribe to the required APIs.

  • Where are this data hosted?

    The whole infrastructure is hosted by AWS in the African region. We have used AWS for the whole deployment.

  • What kind of data compliance does it have?

    We aim to seek NDPR accreditation.

  • Are we eligible to join the research team?

    Certainly, we welcome all researchers and industrial collaborations; please contact for more information.

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